Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

        The patient above received Hollywood Styled dentures.  

The patient above received composite (white) fillings hand made by Dr. Toothfarrey!!!


 The above patient recieved Anterior Cosmetic Dentistry to reshape her gums and front teeth.


  The patient above received Hollywood Styled dentures.  

The above patient wanted her gap closed before graduation, Dr. Toothfarrey was able to achieve this!!!

The above patient decided that a bridge was a better treatment option for her and was excited with the outcome.

Patient in the above picture suffered for years with is crowns in the front coming out until Dr. Toothfarrey reset his bite. 

The patient wanted to keep his signature gap that he had always had his entire life!!!

Patient in the above picture never was able to smile until Dr. Toothfarrey recreated her smile with two crowns in

the front and a partial in the back to replace the missing teeth.